Advanced Networking Powered by Cisco Technology

Today’s network-centric, globally deployed personnel need immediate access to sensitive information—even in places they can only reach on foot.

Impact® Baseband IP Kits

Our Baseband IP Kits aid rapid response, and offer reliable commercial and U.S. Government secured encryption, remote location networking, and broadband Internet Protocol (IP) global area networking.

Our Impact Baseband Packages make a small footprint but a big impression, working efficiently in almost any application environment.

Impact® Rugged Baseband

The Impact Rugged Baseband is a standalone or stackable ruggedized communications kit enabling rapid configuration and wide deployment options across fixed and mobile platforms. The series is designed to MIL- 810G standards for operation in the harshest of thermal, shock and vibration extremes. The modular approach allows for basic network operations using stand-alone modules and the scalability to easily grow and support larger operations by simply adding additional modules as needed.

Impact® Rugged Router (IR2)

The IR2 suite is a collection of lightweight, small form factor, rugged routers that enable fast and secure communications across mobile, dismounted, and command post operations. The IR2 integrates the Cisco 5915 ESR router to deliver standards-based C4ISR connectivity to the lowest echelons.

Tactical Server Router (TSR)

The TSR 1RU Cisco based router, switching and computing appliance is a form, fit and function replacement for end of life (EoL) Cisco 2811 Integrated Services Router (ISR). The TSR is powered by the Cisco 5915 Embedded Services Router (ESR) and the Cisco ESS 2020 switch. Additional options allow the TSR to provide the functionality of dedicated stand-alone servers and network appliances. The TSR server is capable of hosting Virtual Machine (VM) appliances or running native dedicated Operating Systems. The TSR integrated server capability allows for the reduction in additional investment, training, maintenance and physical footprint of those devices. The TSR components are engineered for high reliability in both fixed and harsh environments.