Protected Communications


Anti-Jam (AJ)/Lower Probability of Intercept (LPI)/Lower Probability of Detection (LPD), assured connectivity for America’s military is a current and growing requirement for operation in the contested and Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) warfighting environment. While AEHF can provide the on-orbit capacity to support tactical users, current AEHF terminals are too large and are unaffordable to support the numbers needed for tactical mission requirements. Comtech has developed the P-Ultra terminal for applications from Comm-at-the-Quick Halt to fixed installations. The design for P-Ultra leverages Comtech’s Ultra terminal and the electronics from the P-Ultra program to provide a very low cost, protected capability for stationary users. The P-Ultra is compatible with the AEHF satellite constellation and is forward compatible with a constellation of more than ten satellites. AEHF enables multiple access points worldwide, and management of the terminals in theatre, from CONUS, or other remote locations. The P-Ultra can support a range of XDR narrowband and wideband modes from 75 bps to 8 Mbps Uplink and 150 bps to 4Mbps downlink. The terminal can support any number of users within a Local Area Network (LAN) connected to the terminal via an appropriate router and data encryption device.


  • Weight (lbs): 65
  • Cases: 2
  • Setup: 1 Person
  • Setup Time: 10 Minutes
  • Pointing Accuracy: +/- .5 degrees
  • Satellite Lock-up: <2 minutes
  • Fully Operational: 15 Minutes


  • Mobility: Comm-at-the-Halt & Comm-at-the-Pause
  • Antenna Assembly Envelope: Transit Case,.85M Antenna
  • Uplink Antenna Gain: 52 dBi (1.2M)
  • Uplink Data Rates: 0.075 – 1,024 kbps (potential of 8,192 kbps)
  • Downlink Data Rates: 0.150 – 4,096 kbps (potential of 8,192 kbps)
  • User/Operator Interface: Unclassified Smart Phone or Tablet
  • AEHF SCG Compliance: Fully Compliant