Ground Systems & Satellite Tracking

Ground Systems was initially established as a TRW Division in 1975 and has continued to provide worldwide ground station support and satellite tracking solutions to the international space community for over 35 years. We are a full-service provider of integrated launch tracking, telemetry, and command solutions.

  • Cost effective antennas, RF feeds and positioner technologies that provide efficient precision tracking performance
  • Complete engineering services for all ground station related operations, specializing in launch support, range safety, satellite TT&C, and communication systems.


Comtech Ground Systems (GS) Group is a full-service provider of integrated solutions for launch vehicle telemetry, satellite/vehicle tracking and command including:

  • System Design
  • Software and Hardware development
  • Integration and Installation
  • Facilities design and construction
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • System upgrades and equipment retrofit
  • Site Staffing
  • Logistics and Transportation Solutions / Export Licenses

Paramount among our discriminators is our constant focus on maintaining timely and accurate communications with the customer to ensure mission success. We have devoted more than 35 years in engineering design, construction and managing facilities and overall programs under the most difficult environmental, social and political conditions. Our project solutions provide our customers with 'one stop' shopping advantages rarely found in our industry.


In addition to comprehensive ground station services, Comtech offers a complete line of satellite tracking solutions, ranging from mid-range antenna positioning and control products to earth observation/remote sensing antenna systems. Our high-performance, high-reliability products are tailored to meet a variety of customer applications and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Tracking Antennas for LEO, MEO, and GEO Satellites and High Altitude Pseudo Satellites

Comtech has developed a cost-effective X/Y antenna pedestal technology that specializes in precision antenna tracking. Our systems are specifically designed for low and medium earth orbits that support Remote Sensing, Earth Observation, and TT&C applications.

We offer a range of X/Y tracking antennas from 30 centimeters to 14 meters coupled with our installation expertise and worldwide support in extreme environments such as the Arctic, Middle East and Tropics. Comtech provides the customer a complete satellite and tracking solution for your ground stations.


Our cost-effective radome manufacturing technology can be delivered quickly, are easy to install, and RF tuned for the customer’s mission. Our geodesic radomes and our spherical radomes offer the very best antenna environmental protection possible against all elements at a very competitive price.

T1 Deployable and
Type .5 X/Y Systems

Based on our very successful and reliable Type 1 X/Y system, these variants offers capacity to 2.4m in a deployable format suitable for L, S, X, C, Ku, Ka and Q bands. This is achieved by providing a folding quad-pod base and split casings to provide easily assembled sub components at manageable weights.

Transportable Systems

The innovative transportable antenna systems are designed for transportation to any global site, with prompt setup times unique to their trailer based all-in-one design. The RF and Servo system of the antennas are not modified by the trailer mount, and the systems come with all appropriate road worthiness certifications and can be used with standard HGV coupling.

If required, space is provided for Client supplied equipment in the RF racks. These systems are ideal for rapid deployment scenarios, and can be tailored to suit your needs.